What’s missing?

Every couple years I get my book inventory lists out and organized my collections alphabetically – clean the books of dust, re organize the shelves. This last weekend when I finished – I realized I am missing 3 books – THREE.

  • 1. Willie’s Walk to Grandmama
  • 2. Fables of La Fontaine
  • 3. Horses.

They are not missing in that they are lost. They are missing in that I have never gotten copies of them. In any form. I have friends that have MWB books that I don’t – and they have photographed the pages for me – so I have read all the books. I have also made dummy copies of them. I used to be a printer and I have some bookbinding experience – Today I made a dummy of Willie’s Walk to Grandmama – It’s adorable. I found an affordable copy of Horses and that is on it’s way and Fables of La Fontaine will just have to wait. I’ll post a gallery of Dummy books I’ve made and a gallery of Facsimile Dust Jackets I’ve made. Soon.

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