Happy 75th Anniversary Goodnight Moon UPDATE

The New 75th anniversary edition has arrived- It’s beautiful. The slip case is made of real book board- very substantial in weight. The book is a large  10.4 x 0.7 x 9.1 inches – a square version of the original. It comes with a tipped in print of the original drawing by Clement Hurd for the great green room – It is a lovely edition to any children’s book collection.

Goodnight Moon was published by Harper & Brothers on September 3, 1947. It is illustrated by Clement Hurd.

On August 30 2022 an new edition of Goodnight Moon will be published to celebrate it’s 75th anniversary.

Here are some interesting facts about Goodnight Moon.

#1 The original cost of Goodnight Moon was $1.75

#2 “First Edition” is not stated on the first edition, creating a messy problem for book collectors and rare book sellers –

#3 MWB left the royalties From Goodnight Moon to a 9 year old boy Albert Clark – that lived next door –

#4 Goodnight Moon has sold over 45 Million copies.

#5 Goodnight Moon was not recommended by librarians and was not on most library shelves until the 1980’s.

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