Bruce Bliven Jr. “Child’s Best Seller”,

Bruce Bliven Jr. “Child’s Best Seller”, Life Magazine, December 2, 1946, I have a copy of this magazine. I finally found it in a store in Yountville, in Napa County CA that carries hundreds of Life magazines. The article is fascinating. Mr. Blevin was a friend of Browns and that familiarity is evident in the casual way he describes her personality and habits. I thought it was charming and showed MWB’s character honestly.

“Margaret Wise Brown, Laureate of the Nursery,'” by Louise Seaman Bechtel

Horn Book Magazine – June 1958 PAGE 173

Little House Big City by Ryan Robbins

This Old House Magazine, (June 2003) : page150-156

An article about the house that Margaret lived in (in the 1940’s)called Cobble Court, a 200 year old cottage that survives in the middle of Manhattan.

A Writer of Songs & Nonsense by James Rockefeller

Island Journal, VOL. 11, PAGE 64-67

Magazine Island Institute 1994

Hollins University Announcement, BY Jake Wheeler

Hollins Magazine, Vol.44, #2 October 1993

Magazine Hollins College

Bunny Dearest by Martha Pichey

Vanity Fair, Dec 2000 : Magazine

Remembering Margaret Wise Brown by Clement Hurd

SOURCE: Hurd, Clement. “Remembering Margaret Wise Brown.” Horn Book Magazine 59, no. 5 (October 1983): 553-60.

[In the following essay, one of Brown’s long-time collaborators, illustrator Clement Hurd, offers his personal recollections of Brown while reflecting on the aspects of her character and talents that made her such a successful children’s author.]

Obituary – Children Here & Now Magazine – page 18

MWB Correspondence

Discovering the Unexpected

MWB Papers 1938-1960

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