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Margaret Wise Brown, forty-two, author of many children’s books, died in Nice , France on Wednesday after an appendectomy, according to word received here. She lived ar 186 East End Ave. She also had a studio at 1335 York Ave that she called cobble court. Miss Brown wrote her first book for Children in 1938. ” The Fish with the deep sea Smile” published by E.P. Dutton& Co. Since then she had been writing them at a rate of at least four a year. The total numbering more than 60. Miss Brown wrote her books so quickly that she used several publishers for their issuance, Harper & Brothers, Simon & Schuster, Doubleday, Random House and William R. Scott. She used two pen names besides her own , Golden MacDonald and timothy Hay.

Wrote Song Lyrics

Her books circulated in the millions during the last ten years, the last two were published with in a month, under the titles “Mr.Dog” by Simon & Schuster and The Noon Balloon, by Harper & Brothers. Her so-called Noisy Books, were considered among the most popular, including “The Noisy Book”, The Indoor Noisy Book, The seashore Noisy Book and the Quiet Noisy Book. Miss Brown also wrote verse and lyrics for songs reproduced on children’s records. 

She was born on May 23, 1910, the daughter of Robert Bruce Brown and Maude Margaret Johnson Brown. SHe was a student at Dna Hall, Wellesley, Mass and obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree at Hollins College, VA in 1932.

Miss Brown became associated with the Bureau of Education Experiments, a progressive school at 69 Bank Street, and then Joined the publishing house of William R.Scott as editor of it’s children’s book department. While still with this concern, she wrote her first children;s book when she was twenty eight. She left her post years later to devote the rest of her life to writing.

Went Abroad 3 months Ago

Miss Brown was a member of the Buckram Beagles of Brownville, L.L. of A.S.C.A. and the Authors League.

She had gone abroad three months ago for ra tour of Europe and fell ill within the last ten days. Her Attorney, Harriet Pillpell, of 285 Madison Ave., indicated that Bruce Bliven Jr a free-lance magazine writer, of 238 W 14th At and Miss Brown’s sister Roberta Rauch of Jamaica Vt had been named executors of Miss Brown’s estate. Surviving besides her sister are her father and brother B.Gratz Brown of Ann Arbor , Michigan



Born New York May 23, 1910

Died Nice, France Nov. 13 1952

Beloved owner of THE ONLY HOUSE

Writer of songs and nonsense

Dear Margaret,

You gave us all so much

A chance to love

A place to rest

A window into living.


Nights and Days came and passed

and summer and winter

and the rain.

And it was good to be a little island

A part of the world

and a world of it’s own

all surrounded by the bright blue sea.

GENEALOGY Margaret Wise Brown Family Tree

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