Horses ~ a recent addition to the collection

Horses illustrated by Dorothy Wagstaff arrived the other day – It’s black and white illustrations are bright and cheerful. Dorothy was a friend of Margarets. They went to college together and Margaret was the godmother to Dorothy’s daughter Laurel – who is a friend of mine. I have a special love for this book. I finally found a copy a few weeks ago. They are rare. Many of MWB’s books are getting rare. I posted that I was missing 3 from my collection; Willie’s Walk to Grandmama, Fables of La Fontaine, and Horses – I had somehow miss counted because I don’t have a copy of O’ said the Squirrel . I now have a facsimile copy of Willie’s Walk to Grandmama and a library reading copy of Horses. The two currently missing from the collection are O’ said the Squirrel and Fables of La Fontaine.

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